10 Modern And Rugged Avengers Fan Arts That’s Making Them Look Gritty And Stylish


Infinity War has shaken the world by its shocking ending, and now we all are waiting for the next installment of Marvel Cinematic Universe that is “Antman & Wasp.,” which is slated to release on 5th July 2018.

Everything was a bit fresh and different about Infinity War right from the star, be it the story or the looks of our favorite Marvel characters. Captain America is rocking a bad-ass beard; Black Widow now has a perfectly blonde hair, Star-Lord showed off his mustache and many more.

However, we have a smart artist here who took the looks of our favorite Avengers to a whole new level. Arkenstellar has overhauled the appearances of the Avengers making them more gritty and stylish. He has kept shades of Red strong through our his photo manipulation which is making the characters appear like they have been ripped out of the X-Force comic books that had extraordinarily modern but rugged stylistic arts.

We may never see these costume modifications in the actual movie, but that’s why we have this version available for our readers to cherish. These arts are probably one of the best Avengers realistic fan arts we have seen in a quite while. Here are the insanely cool fan arts of Avengers that’s taking their style quotient to a whole new level, enjoy:-

1. Susan Storm

2. Jessica Jones

3. She-Hulk

4. Gamora

5. Wasp

6. Captain Marvel

7. Scarlet Witch

8. Lady Sif

9. Maria Hill

10. Black Widow

Credits: Arkenstellar


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