25 Superhero Logic Comics Which Prove Superheroes Make No Sense


There is no doubt that these are incredibly good times for the fans of comic books and movies based on them. There are the two biggest comic book entities, Marvel and DC, engaged in a box office battle to become the biggest cinematic universe. Mind-blowing franchise films release in theaters every few months, and despite a few that didn’t do too well, most of these films are great.

That is quite an impressive feat taking into account the fact that they are based on comic books which happen to be among the most stupid modes of entertainment ever. Don’t get offended. We have read scores of comic books in our time, and although we are totally in love with them, it is not wrong to say that they are basically stupid. We love Batman, and he is a man dressed in a dark bat suit. That’s the hero we root for, and still, we don’t attend mental therapy sessions.

No matter which comic book or superhero you talk about, they all have major shortcomings, and they are awesome only because we have to completely let go of logic and believe in superpowers. It is that lack of logic which creates an opportunity for funny comics. After so many decades of comic book adventures, we have created major points that we gloss over, but, if we do get down to evaluate comic books, we would easily find that they are totally beyond logic. Keeping that spirit going, we present to you a compilation of comics which prove how superheroes are absolutely devoid of logic.

23. The Mightiest Of Animals


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22. Superhero Perks

21. That’s Not How The Law Works

20. The Power Of Food

19. Does Whatever A House Pet Can

18. What Could Go Wrong?

17. Social Media Figured It Out

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16. Who Wants A Hug?


15. A Double Standard

14. Checkmate

13. It’s A Family Thing

12. A Weak Link

11. Who Needs A Backstory?

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10. You Wouldn’t Understand The Science

9. That’s Always The Plan

8. Goes Where He Isn’t Needed

7.  Puny God

6. I Can’t Hear You


5. Nothing To See Here

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4.  A Simple Love

3. An Unhealthy Obsession

2. Please Stop

1. Hard To Argue With Results

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