Reimagined: What If These 20 Star Wars Heroes Were Sith Lords


The far, far away galaxy of Star Warsis shining bright with numerous brave heroes ranging from Jedi knights to resistance warriors, rebels, smugglers, even walking carpets and giant teddy bears. They have battled the Sith, the Empire and the First Order, and the Dark Side of the Force. Two Death Stars and a Starkiller base have been blown up by them, and despite the odds being stacked against them and there being almost no hope. However, there is also the fact that Anakin Skywalker disgraced himself to become the most legendary villain from the saga. And then, after decades, his grandson is there, although he might not be as impactful, but, there are certainly, incidents that are yet to unfold.

Irrespective of whether Anakin or Ben Solo relished switching over to the Dark Side, it is quite compelling to see a hero turn into a villain and it also has some dangerous consequences for the galaxy as well. Just to imagine, how the situation would have been if other mighty Jedi fell prey to the temptation of joining the Dark Side of the Force? How would it be if the iconic rebels and resistance warriors sided with the Galactic Empire? It would be too uncomfortable for some fans even to contemplate, while there are others who have already explored the idea.

From all over the world, creative brains have reimagined a number of Star Wars’ most iconic heroes as villains. Before Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, there were various narratives which explored that angle. The outcome is that internet is flooded with images which makes you think if you would actually be interested in seeing such a thing happen. While that won’t make the galaxy any better, but, it would undoubtedly be an interesting viewpoint.

20. Darth Qui-Gon

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19. Evil Yoda

18. Darth Jar Jar

17. Evil Ahsoka

16. Dark Side Rey

15. Darth Windu

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14. Sith Aayla Secura

13. Darth Ezra

12. Bad Poe

11. Sith Shaak Ti

10. Evil Luke

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9. Evil Leia

8. Darth BB-8

7. Sith Padmé

6. Evil C-3PO

5. Evil Bothans

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4. Sith Wookiee

3. Evil Plo Koon

2. Sith Ewok

1. Sith Porg

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