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The Time When Punisher Killed Daredevil And After That He Did Something No One Expected, Here’s What happened


We can now assume that The Punisher is Marvel’s most violent character and it has been estimated that Frank Castle killed around 48,000 people ever since he was created in 1974.

There are not a lot many ‘kill’ entries from …

A Fan Has Found A Massive Error In “The Last Jedi”, Here It Is


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is released on home video now which means that fans can scrutinize over every detail of the film which is the most divisive within the Star Wars franchise. It so happens that there is a …

The Time When Wonder Woman Killed Batman And An Enraged Superman, In turn Kills Her. Here’s What Happened


The daughter of Queen Hippolyta, the founding member of the Justice League and a crucial member of DC’s trinity, Princess Diana, aka Wonder Woman, is super powerful. Whether she is depicted as daughter of a God or just sculpted from …

Meme Just This Too: Funny Injustice 2 Memes


While it has been some time since Injustice 2 came out, but, the tribe is thriving even now. Hellboy’s release is imminent as the last character from the Fighter Pack 2 DLC, and we are all set to hear …

An Ex X-Men Mutant Who Had Power To Give Orgasms, Here’s How It Happened


It is not embarrassing to be among the third-rung X-Men. It is an obvious outcome of being a member of such a huge team which creates a huge comics franchise because obviously, not everyone can get the same position as …

Batman Fought With Xenomorphs, And Aliens Made XENO-JOKER Hybrid, Here’s How It Happened.


This was a three-part story created by the duo of writer Ian Edginton and artist Staz Johnson which came out between December 2002 to February 2003. Batman stumbles upon an explorer’s notes mentioning about an alien wreck discovered on Antarctica …

The Time When Wolverine Killed Captain America In the Most Brutal Way, Here’s How It happened


Wolverine is the most popular mutant in the X-Men universe. He leads the X-men team and is the reason why they are victorious in many of their battles. With Captain America: Civil War out and X-Men: Apocalypse to follow shortly, …

Nicholas Cage Thinks He Could Be An Amazing Joker, Is This A Hint? Here’s What He Said


Nicolas Cage is well known for playing acclaimed acting roles and has even won an Oscar for one of them.

Recently Cage has expressed interest in playing DC comics super villain The Joker!

Cage casually mentioned the idea to a …

Odds Of This Actress To Be The First Female James Bond Is Very High, Here’s Why


Can we expect to see Emily Blunt as the very first female James Bond? There is no indication that we will, but many people are now considering this to be possible.

There is a lot of money which is riding

Eminent Comic Book Artist Alex Ross Compared DC and Marvel Publicly For The First Time, Here’s What He Said


Alex Ross is well-known for his photo-realistic artwork, and he has created many stunning photos that feature Marvel and DC’s heroes and even villains. This artist is now sharing his thoughts and opinions on the differences between the two companies’