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20 Plus Rib Tickling Memes Of Doctor Strange


Marvel Cinematic Universe is the shared superhero universe based on the famous characters from the Marvel Comics. It debuted ten years ago with the arrival of Iron-Man, and after 18 movies, today it features a large number of heroes and …

Xbox One Is Going To Get The Original Version of Star Wars Battlefront II


In case last year’s Star Wars Battlefront II and the great deal of loot box/micro-transaction rubbish related to it upset you, then you would be delighted to realize that the original Battle Front II is on its way back.

The …

Netflix’s Dark Crystal Prequel Is Around The Corner, And Here’s Everything About The Series


The Dark Crystal was a fantasy adventure film by Jim Henson and Frank Oz and released in 1982. It became so popular that it spawned spinoff books, board games, and graphic novels.

Now Netflix is rumored to be bringing The …

6 MCU Characters That The Black Widow Has Attracted


Natasha Romanov, Black Widow, is one of the deadliest women in the Marvel universe. She first started out as an enemy of Iron Man but later became part of the Avengers.

Natasha is a skilled assassin who is also cool …

15 Darth Vader Memes That Hilariously Reveal The Nonsensical Side Of the Character


When it comes to all the franchises that have successfully survived over so many years, there is one franchise that stands out- Star Wars.

While all other franchises like Halloween and 007 have made it for many decades, they were …

Spiderman Sold His Marriage To Devil, One Of The Most Painful Event In Marvel Comics, Here How It Happened


After everything had gone pear-shaped during the events of Civil War and Peter’s Aunt May had found herself with a one extra belly button, Peter soon hit rock bottom. He almost killed the Kingpin as he had sent an assassin …

This Is What The Millennium Falcon’s Detachable Ship From Solo A Star Wars Story Looks Like


A large section of fans was bewildered when the first look of the Millennium Falcon from Solo: A Star Wars Story was revealed, and they found out that the Falcon had a complete nose instead of the classic ‘prongs

30 Provocative Snaps Of Deadpool Star Brianna Hilderbrand Are Driving Fans Nuts.


Women in superhero movies (whether they are playing a superhero character themselves or not) are usually truly gorgeous. However, the hotness quotient goes several notches up when the lady in question happens to be a young comic book character. We …

26 Things That Sith Can Enjoy That Jedi Are Not Allowed To Touch


The Sith in the Star Wars universe is a sect of Force-sensitive people who gain abilities from the ‘Dark Side of the Force’. According to Yoda, Dark Side is not at all stronger, but it is much “easier” and much …

The Craziest Toy Accessories From 1980s and 1990s


Accessories are a vital part of a toy. In fact, a toy’s quality is as good as the accessories that come with it. No matter how good an action figure might be, but, to enjoy it completely a kid would …