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25 Extremely Funny Fan Comics For The Genuine DC Fans Only


If you are a Marvel fan, you might just move aside because time has come for DC to hog the limelight! (Okay, we are just kidding, we are as much in love with Marvel as DC. And we love you …

20 Hilarious Arrowverse vs DCEU Memes That Will Make Fans Go Berserk Laughing


Is it even the right thing to compare between two children of the same parents or your right hand with the left hand or Deadpool with Green Lantern, or let’s say Arrowverse with the DCEU?

Right from the time when …

Batpool vs Deadman: 17 Incredibly Funny Deadpool Vs Batman Memes


Originating back during the days when the World War II had barely started, Batman has been the favorite of comic book readers across generations. The billionaire business tycoon, philanthropist Bruce Wayne of the day turns into The Dark Knight at …

25 Awesome Avengers Vs Defenders Memes Which Will Make Fans Go Crazy Laughing


If we had to do a study on how the same comic book company depicts two different sets of superheroes with a vastly different approach, then apart from the portrayal of Batman by Adam West pitted against the Christian Bale

20 Absolutely Funny Spider-Man Memes That Will Make Fans ROFL


Spider-Man is one character which instantly became favorite of the comic book lovers, right from the time it jumped on to the small screen in that clumsy 1967 animated series which despite its low budget, had an iconic song and

20 Incredibly Funny Captain America Memes Which Will Make Fans Laugh Like Crazy


It would be a gross injustice to term Captain America as a super-soldier wearing a flag costume, and wielding an indestructible shield while preventing crime. Why? Because Captain America is the embodiment of American values. While there are times it …

17 Absolutely Brutal Wolverine Vs Cyclops Memes For Genuine Fans


As soon as the Wolverine became a member of the X-Men, he was pitted against Cyclops, while the latter was all about authority, Logan was the representative of rebellion. In fact, right back when Wolverine first appeared as an X-Man …

Star Wars: Mark Hamill Lashes Out At Those Harrassing Kelly Marie Tran On Twitter


Right from the time of the film’s release, she has been the target of online bullies who hated the Rian Johnson-helmed movie or the character of Rose Tico played by her. However, Hamill retorted strongly, defending someone he has earlier …

18 Times Chris Hemsworth Ruled Our Hearts Like A Real God


Everybody loves Chris Hemsworth, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s friendly neighbourhood God of Thunder! The Australian actor has become a Hollywood A-lister courtesy his portrayal of Thor in the MCU since the 2011 movie Thor. He is extremely talented and his …

The Real Identity Of Tony Stark’s Father Has Been Revealed And No, He Is Not Howard Stark


We all believe the industrialist Howard Stark to be the biological father of Tony Stark. However, the Iron Man #600 reveals that is not the case.

Warning: This article has major spoilers from Invincible Iron Man #600.

Marvel always relishes …