27 Epic He-Man Memes That Only 80’s Kids Will Understand


80’s. From their cartoons, to live action films, to the action figures, Prince Adam has now defined an He-Man and The Masters of the Universe are surely very special and beloved franchises from the era. The children had tuned in for so many weeks to watch how He-Man defeats Skeletor. The young fans would always relive these exploits and stage their battles with action figures.

The character was one who is iconic and this has spawned many video games and pop culture references as well and one notable being is in the film, Ghostbusters II. The Ghostbusters are tasked to entertain the kids at birthday parties. In one party, while they sang He-Man.

In the light of all this, here are 27 hilarious He-Man memes that will have you laughing:

27. The New Christian Grey


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26. It’s Not What It Looks Like

25. Emotions, What Are Those?

24. I Wanna Be You

23. Grammar Police

22. Real Men Wear Pink

21. Who’s Better Looking Than Me?


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20. Insta Model

19. You’re In My Personal Space

18. Fake Friends

17. Are You Really Going To Wear That?

16. Climate Change Is Real

15. Crew Love

14. Mine, Mine, Mine

13. Beard Gang

12. Princesses Aren’t What They Used To Be

11. Knights Of The Grayskull


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10. Prince Adam Says Hey

9. Don’t Tell Anyone Promise

8. Should Hit The Gym

7. Villainous Laugh

6. The Father

5. Queen Bee

4. The Potty Dance

3. Issa Man


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2. No, You Can’t Date Her

1. Game Of Thrones

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