10 Hilarious Gifs Of Donald Glover Proving He Is The True Young Lando Calrissian


The much-anticipated Han Solo’s origin movie is out, and as expected it got mixed reviews, however, it’s not that bad to be honest, if you are a true fan of the franchise. Ron Howard has done a fantastic job of keeping all the elements safe in the film that makes a Star Wars movie great. Yes, a lot of people thought that the lead actor playing Han Solo was not suited for the role, but Alden Ehrenreich did a fantastic Job in playing the rebellious, street smart and charming Han Solo.

The same thing goes for Donald Glover as well, his version of Lando Calrissian was too good.  Glover’s cool swagger and powerful performance gave us a proper look at how Lando would have been in his early years. His performance was freaking awesome a lot of fans are asking for Lando’s Solo movie now with Donald Glover as the lead actor. Well, the box-office collection of Han Solo has not been the “Greatest” but we can hope.

Regardless of the financial performance of the film, Donald Glover will be remembered as an amazing Lando Calrissian for the future generations. We have become a huge fan of Donald after seeing his performance in the film, and we decided to grab his coolest dialogues in various interviews related to Han Solo movies, and we are sure you guys would to see these sweet little gifs of our young Lando talking about his movie in hilarious ways:-

1. Lando is Pansexual

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2. Addressing every other Black character in the Star Wars universe  

3. Making light of the change in directors for Solo 

4. When he gushed about Lando’s cape as a fashion accessory

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5. When he actually showed off his cape collection 

6. On meeting Billy Dee Williams

7. When talking about what he did when he first learned he got the role of Lando 

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8. Telling terrible dad jokes about ewoks

9. Picking his favorite Star Wars villain

10. Describing how high he was when he first learned he got the role of Lando

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