Deadpool’s New Power Is Way Too Disgusting For Comic Books, Look What He Is Doing


The Deadpool movie showed audiences the grosser side of Wade Wilson’s powers, but Marvel Comics has recently given him a brand new superpower so disgusting that it can never be shown on film.

The comic storyline includes some of the best-known heroes in the MCU and X-Men movie universe, so Deadpool fans can look forward to that.

Deadpool #300 writer Gerry Duggan sends the Merc with a Mouth off in a most fitting fashion, before Deadpool’s memory is erased for his new comic book relaunch.

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In this issue, Deadpool goes to Knowhere in search of a superweapon. There he is approached by a green-skinned alien woman who doesn’t explain what the item is, only that it would provide some kind of super-powered boost.

Deadpool decides to deploy his secret weapon unknown even to him when the supervillains and heroes of the Marvel Universe come for him. At first, it’s unknown what the alien woman has given him without extracting a price. But when Falcon makes his first attack on Deadpool, puke starts to erupt.

The new superpower given to Deadpool induces projectile vomiting of gargantuan. The potency of the alien vomit-spray is proven when Daredevil arrives on the scene vomiting uncontrollably.

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The puking Daredevil is followed by the other younger heroes of Marvel, with Sam Alexander accidentally creating a Nova-powered vomit bomb, and Ms. Marvel shapeshifting her mouth to accommodate the reflex.

Readers will get a chance to see the horror of projectile vomit mixed with Quicksilver’s super speed movement through the crowd. The climax of the fight, is a tie between Thor and Giant-Man. Thor is caught off-guard and renders projectile vomit with her face inches from the spinning Mjolnir.

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Giant Man delivers the final blow when he arrives growing a hundred times in size with his stomach growing as well.

Duggan actually has Deadpool kill him in the same issue. Duggan giving comic fans a superhero dripping in vomit nightmare shows why his absence will be missed by so many.

But as Deadpool 2 gears up for its release in cinemas on 18 May, we can safely assume there won’t be any vomit used as a weapon in any future Deadpool movies. Despicable Deadpool #300 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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