20 Incredibly Funny Captain America Memes Which Will Make Fans Laugh Like Crazy


It would be a gross injustice to term Captain America as a super-soldier wearing a flag costume, and wielding an indestructible shield while preventing crime. Why? Because Captain America is the embodiment of American values. While there are times it can lead to his character being depicted as someone who is not happy with the world he exists in, there are times when he can also appear to be outdated and a man who is not willing to let go of the past. No matter which way you look at him, both of these depictions provide ample scope for jokes, and fortunately, Captain America fans have created scores of memes to be enjoyed online. Every aspect of his life like his friendship with Bucky Barnes or his spotless image is a breeding ground for memes.

Whether it be the comic books or the movies, Captain America is depicted as a super-soldier who is never afraid of risking his life to do the right thing. He volunteered in a scientific experiment which gave him enhanced strength and stamina; Steve Rogers has become the model soldier physically as well as emotionally. Even in the face of adversity, Rogers doesn’t stop until he succeeds in his mission and he knows things are how they should be. Want to prove your patriotism? Go ahead and check out this hilarious collection of Captain America memes!

Poor Captain Jack Sparrow!

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Facial Expressions!


He Is Watching!

Captain Sikh America!


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Ohh No!



The Team Cap!

Kitty Cap!

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He Is Totally Funny!


Expectations Vs Reality!


Hammer Time!

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He Is Coming!


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