Fans Are Stunned After Knowing The Name Of Batman’s Best Man For His Wedding



In Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Nightwing vs. Hush #1, Bruce Wayne went out for a night on the town with Clark Kent and Dick Grayson, only to be harassed by Tommy Elliott (Hush). It is said that Bruce will choose one of these three as the best man at his upcoming wedding to Selina Kyle.

When he is not prowling the streets of Gotham as Batman, he is comfortable as Bruce Wayne, spending time with one of his sons either adoptive or surrogate or biological and who have now grown up.

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So one might have assumed either Dick Grayson or Tim Drake would be his Best Man.

But Bruce Wayne has chosen his best man to be Superman.

The tabloids would have a real task on their hands explaining how an “ordinary” newspaper journalist from another city was picked to be millionaire Bruce’s best man.

Bruce makes Dick understand that he is the best friend he has, and also understands Dick’s responsibilities as Nightwing, being raised by Batman. So we can’t expect him to put the wedding as his priority if something happened in his hometown at the same time.

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We have seen superheroes come together before to watch over Metropolis during Superman’s wedding and honeymoon, but maybe this time around the heroes of the DC Universe are probably annoyed that Bruce is marrying a villain.

Of course, Bruce Wayne had made all the arrangements, while Jimmy Olsen was Superman’s best man.

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