Now An Animated Ghostbusters Film Will Reveal The Ghosts’ Perspective


For decades, the Ghostbusters franchise showed the wandering human souls as nothing more than floating targets that were shot down by head-strong physicists using nuclear accelerators tied to their backs, but, now time seems to be ripe for the ghosts to tell their version of the whole thing. has reported that Sony is making an animated Ghostbusters movie which will unfold from the perspective of one of the ghosts. (There are bound to be a million angry souls online who would wonder why there can’t be live-action Ghostbusters like we always had).


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It has already been reported that Fletcher Moules is directing the film and his past accomplishments include a CGI commercial for mobile game Clash Of The Clans which you couldn’t have avoided a few years back. For now, we have no idea how ThatHashtagShow found out about the movie’s ghost perspective of narration, but, it must have been sourced out of Sony’s Ghost Corps, an Ivan Reitman linked internal group which creates new Ghostbusters movies for the studio. (There is also word about an under-development live-action movie, not related to the 2016 reboot made by Paul Feig).

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